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The Car Theory Test

Theory Test Pass CertificateYou will need to sit a driving theory test if this is your first licence or you want a licence for a new category of vehicle. For instance you may hold a full motorcycle licence, but you will still need to pass an appropriate theory test if you wish to acquire a full car licence. However, if you are upgrading a licence, say from an automatic car licence to a manual car licence, you may be exempt. Check the DVLA’s website for further details. You must pass the theory test before you can apply for the practical driving test.

The theory test was introduced in 1996 to test a new driver’s understanding of the skills, legislation and responsibilities with driving a particular vehicle. The test has seen many changes over the years but this is how the theory test works today the test is made up of two parts; namely the multiple choice question and answer section and the hazard perception section. You must pass both parts on the same attempt, in other words if you pass the multiple choice section but fail the hazard perception you will have to sit both parts again.

See the Hazard Perception section of this website for details of how this element works.

The multiple choice section consists of 50 questions randomly selected from the DSA’s database of over 900 questions. The test is presented in a multiple-choice format, in other words you are given a question and a choice of answers. Depending on the individual question you must select between 1 and 4 answers to score a mark (all of the official questions and functionality are included in our Car and Motorcycle Theory Test book, which you can purchase from this site).

The theory test questions cover a wide range of driving related topics including the law, traffic signs, road procedure, accidents, etc. Here is the list of the fourteen categories as used in the current DSA question bank for car drivers.

  • Alertness
  • Attitude
  • Safety and Your Vehicle
  • Safety Margins
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Vulnerable Road Users
  • Other Types of Vehicle
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Vehicle Loading
  • Motorway Rules
  • Rules of the Road
  • Road and Traffic Signs
  • Documents
  • Accidents

Your theory test questions will be selected from across all of these categories, so it is important to have prepared thoroughly before you sit the test. Luckily, all of the official questions from these categories are included in our Car and Motorcycle Theory Test book.

Currently the fee to sit the theory test is £31.00.

Our Car and Motorcycle Theory Test costs £5.99 - a good investment in our opinion!