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Sitting the Hazard Perception Section of the Theory Test

Hazard PerceptionAfter the multiple-choice you are provided with a break of up to 3 minutes before you sit the hazard perception section.

  • This section of the test consists of 14 video clips featuring everyday driving scenarios.
  • They are filmed in a vehicle and it is as if you are in the driving seat.
  • Thirteen of the clips feature 1 developing hazard, but one of the clips have 2 developing hazards
  • You are marked according to how quickly you respond when you see the hazard. In other words, the quicker you click on the mouse the more points you will get (maximum of 5). However, be careful. You will score nil points if you cheat by repeatedly clicking on the mouse.
  • You will only be shown each clip once. You will not be able to review a clip again.
  • The current pass mark for the hazard perception section for car drivers is 44 out of 75.

Once you have completed both elements of the test you may leave the examination room. You should be given your result almost immediately but at worst after 30 minutes.

Congratulations if you have passed! Your theory test pass is valid for 2 years – if you do not pass the practical driving test in this time you will have to resit the theory! If you have failed, bad luck. You must resit both elements of the test again. You can book another theory test immediately, however, you must allow 3 clear working days before you actually sit it.