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 The Car and Motorcycle Theory Test book

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You will need a copy of 'The Car and Motorcycle Theory Test' book to use this web-site (isbn - 9781906378004). Published on the 23rd July 2007 this 160 page book includes the 2007/08 official question for car drivers and motorcyclists. It retails for £5.99.

The 4th edition of this great little book;

  • includes the latest 'official' DSA question bank for car drivers and motorcyclists. This question bank is effective on tests from 3 September 2007.
  • has every official question and every official answer. There will be no surprises when you sit the actual test.
  • allows easy testing by seperating the questions and answers. Answer the question and check the answer which is listed at the back of the book.
    • seperates the questions via colour coded headings. You will never waste time finding questions appropriate to the theory test you are studying for. There are three main sections which are questions
      • for car drivers and motorcyclists
      • for car drivers only
      • for motorcyclists only
    • divides the questions in each vehicle section into 14 categories. If you find you are weak in a particular category you can very easily concentrate on studying the appropriate questions. The categories are;
      • Alertness
      • Attitude
      • Safety and Your Vehicle/Motorcycle
      • Safety Margins
      • Hazard Awareness
      • Vulnerable Road Users
      • Other Types of Vehicle
      • Vehicle/Motorcycle Handling
      • Vehicle/Motorcycle Loading
      • Motorway Rules
      • Rules of the Road
      • Road and Traffic Signs
      • Documents Accidents
    • allows you the ease and portability of a book with the interactivity of this web-site to help you prepare with ease for your driving theory test
    • can be used by both car drivers and motorcyclists.