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Driving in Great Britain (GB) as a visitor or a new resident

This leaflet explains the current rules affecting people with non-GB driving licences who visit or come to live in Great Britain. All drivers must meet the minimum age requirements for driving in Great Britain. Generally, you must be:

  • 17 to drive a car or a motorcycle;
  • 18 to drive a medium-sized vehicle (for example, a vehicle between 3500kg and 7500kg with a trailer up to 750kg); and
  • 21 to drive a large lorry and/or bus.

The booklet ‘Information on driving licences’ (INS57P), gives more information about minimum ages.

The information in this booklet applies to both ‘ordinary’ and ‘vocational’ licences.

Ordinary licences

An ordinary licence is one which entitles you to drive cars, motorcycles, and small vehicles (those weighing up to 3500kg and having no more than eight passenger seats).

Vocational licences

A vocational licence is one that entitles you to drive minibuses, buses and medium-size large vehicles weighing over 3500kg and able to tow a trailer over 750kg.

These licences can be ‘provisional’ or ‘full’. A provisional licence shows vehicles which you can drive only as a learner. A full licence shows which vehicles you have passed a driving test for.