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Are you ready for your Practical Driving Test

Driving TestNaturally, most learner drivers are keen to pass their practical driving test at the earliest opportunity and to then enjoy the freedom and benefits that come with holding a full driving licence.

However, the current pass rate is only 43%* and for first time candidates it’s even lower. The overriding reason for such a high failure rate is candidates sitting the test before they are fully prepared.

Listed below are the top ten reasons* why people fail;

1.Observation at Junctions – ineffective observation and judgement

2.Reverse Parking – ineffective observation or a lack of accuracy

3.Use of Mirrors – not checking or not acting on the information

4.Reversing Around a Corner – ineffective observation or a lack of accuracy

5.Incorrect Use of Signals – not cancelling or giving misleading signals

6.Moving Away Safely – ineffective observation

7.Incorrect Positioning on the Road – at roundabouts or on bends

8.Lack of Steering Control – steering too early or leaving it too late

9.Incorrect Positioning to Turn Right – at junctions and in one way streets

10.Inappropriate Speed – travelling too slowly or being hesitant

Ultimately, your instructor will be the best judge of when you are ready to sit your practical driving test. He will have been trained

  • to assess your current standard of driving
  • to measure your likely progress if you were to apply for a future test date
  • to recognise the level of competence and skill required to not only pass the practical driving test, but to also be a safe and competent driver for life.

Remember, if anything, your performance will be worse on the day, due to nerves and the pressure of the occasion. Research shows that learner car drivers who have had around 40 hours of professional tuition and plenty of private practice, stand the best chance of passing their practical driving test.

As a learner can you answer "Yes" to all of these questions?

1.Have you covered all of the topics on the "Driver’s Record for Pupils"? If so have you achieved Grade 5 (independent) on every topic?

2.Can you drive on all types of road and in all traffic situations without any assistance from your instructor or accompanying driver, be it verbal or by using the dual controls?

3.Do you feel confident enough to tackle any driving situation alone?

4.Can you perform all of the manoeuvres (e.g. reverse parking, reversing around a corner, etc) without any advice or verbal/physical intervention from your instructor?

5.Have you sat a mock test with your instructor? If so did you pass? During this exercise your instructor will pretend to be an examiner and direct you around a route similar to a driving test route. He will also ask you to perform any or all of the driving test manoeuvres. Unless required he will not intervene verbally or physically during any part of the mock test. As you drive your instructor will mark down any faults that you commit and you can then discuss them at the end of the ‘test’.