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Now you’re on the Road

Open RoadPossession of a full car licence does not mean you are as able a driver as any other motorist on the road. Your lack of experience will put you at a greater risk than other drivers. Just because you’ve torn up your L-plates doesn’t mean you have to stop learning though. There are a number of ways you can still improve your skills and possibly save some money as well.

Pass Plus
This scheme has been developed for newly qualified drivers. It provides extra training to enhance your skills and once the course has been successfully completed you may be eligible for a discount on your insurance.

The tuition is carried out by Approved Driving Instructors and it is likely that your existing instructor will be registered to carry out the course. In short the course is designed to

  • Show you a positive style of driving
  • Help you to safely gain more experience
  • And improve your observation and decision making skills

There is no examination at the end of the course, but your instructor will certify that you have satisfactorily completed the training and you will then be issued with a Pass Plus Certificate of Completion.

You can find more information from your instructor or the Pass Plus website

Advanced Driving Course
There are 2 principal organisations in the UK that run advanced driving courses; RoSPA and the IAM. They both have local groups that you can join and their aim is to teach you advanced driving and thereby make you a better driver. Individuals who have passed the respective tests are then eligible to become members, which in itself brings further benefits.

For more details go to their websites: